COVID-19 Resources

I Need Prayer

Let us know if there's something specific we can pray for.

I Want to Talk

If you'd like someone to reach out to talk and process through this season with, let us know.

I Need Help

If you have a specific need, please let us know here.

I Want to Help

We are for Austin and Northpoint is responding to the needs around our city. Here’s how you can join us:​

1. PRAY: Because this is the most important thing we can do! Join us as we pray for all those affected by the pandemic.

2. GIVE: Donations to Northpoint’s Care fund go towards helping families with tangible needs. We are also partnering with local organizations that are serving our community in incredible ways. Together we are showing our community how much we are for them.

3. ACT: During this time, we strongly encourage everyone to follow state and local guidance and the guidelines set by the CDC.

4. CALL: Sign up to be available to call, connect and potentially pray with someone who has requested a call.

What can I Pray For?

Every week we as a church are highlighting a specific need/organization to pray for.

This week, we are praying for the farmers and ranchers around our nation and those who help get their product to market. Due to restaurant closures, the food supply chain has been heavily disrupted, causing massive loss of income. In addition, the meat-packing industry has had several plants hit by COVID-19. We'd love you to pray with us for those who work in this section of the economy, for provision, health, and safety.