Pilates for Women

Pilates for Women

Do you want to improve posture, gain strength and reduce pain through Pilates, so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle? If so, this is the meetup for you!

Pilates is an amazing form of exercise to help with your posture. During the workout, we...

- focus on body alignment because muscle imbalance is the main reason for pain

- strengthen posture muscles so that it can hold the body in the right alignment

- stretch posture muscles to reduce tightness and pain

All levels are welcome to the workouts! We'll go through the basic principles in the beginning of the class and there will be modifications to help make the exercises easier or harder so that you can choose what is needed for your body at that time. Please bring a mat and a water bottle and wear comfortable workout clothes. Feel free to workout barefoot or with socks.

Jun 26, 2021 9:00 AM
Amy McClung
Amy McClung
This event is currently full.
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