Experience Care

In this time of uncertainty, where people are experiencing a variety of needs, group is the perfect place where your group members can find and provide care for one another.  

Stay Connected

As we navigate new waters together, now more than ever, we need to stay connected as a group and encourage one another to pursue authentic community and spiritual growth.

Find Encouragement

During a time when many feel isolated, lonely or maybe even afraid, group is a perfect place for people, including yourselves, to find encouragement and support. 

Now, more than ever, it's important to stay connected.

You know the value of community, and we believe that staying connected with one another, especially during a challenging time like this, is so important. When you can’t meet in person, a great alternative is to meet digitally. Aren't sure where to start? Below you'll find three easy steps to help you get started.

Online Groups

1  — Download Zoom

We recommend using Zoom to host a group online. You can download the app from the following links. 

2  — Follow These Tips

Here are 5 Tips to help you lead an online group well.

  1. Jump online early to make sure your video and audio work well.

  2. Sit close to the screen.

  3. Good lighting goes a long way.

  4. Avoid eating or getting up during group.

  5. Turn off any potential distractions ahead of time so you can be fully engaged.

Looking for additional tips? We've got you covered.

3 — Give it a Try

We know it can be a little bit scary to try something new, but you've got this! Your first few meetings will take some adjusting as everyone gets acquainted with the technology and how the online format works. So, don’t give up too quickly if your first few meetings are a bit of a challenge. Remember to have fun and laugh.

Got Questions? 
Your coach and our Groups Team are always here to help!

How to set up an online group