What is Fuel?

Fuel is our end of year giving opportunity to see our vision of making
Jesus relevant for everyone in greater Austin go further faster in the new year!
Give to Fuel
Our goal for Fuel 2024 is to raise $150,000.
Here are the ways your generosity will help Northpoint next year:

Strategic Initiatives - $45,000

Today, more people than ever identify as not being affiliated with religion of any kind. If we're going to make Jesus relevant for everyone in greater Austin, we have to connect with people outside of just Sunday. Here are some of the ways we’re doing that:

Marketplace Initiatives - Our dream is that we would be so integrated into our city that if we were gone, our community would miss us, regardless of what they believe spiritually. In 2023, we have seen over 35,000 people come through our facility outside of Sunday, and we have branded “marketplace” as Exchange ATX (exchangeatx.com). We need to continue to build our online infrastructure, improve our facility, invest in new technology, and continue to staff the Exchange ATX team. All of these activities will in turn be revenue-generating for Northpoint.

Online Church and Digital Initiatives - Online, our weekly service now averages a full extra auditorium in views. This is the new front door, and we have to make sure it’s excellent and accessible! Additionally, we are determined not to become Blockbuster in a world gone Netflix. With the average Austinite spending 5 hours daily on their phone, what if we got to spend just 5 minutes each day with them? In 2023 we took a big step towards seeing that become a reality with projects like Story512 (story512.com) gaining over a quarter million views. These funds will help us with content production, media equipment, advertising and marketing, and distribution of content.

Groups - For the first time ever, we average more people in small groups than in Sunday Services, a colossal win if circles are indeed better than rows. We want to fuel this fast growing ministry with content, leadership development, small group leader support and appreciation, and new felt-needs-specific short term groups and events that provide marker moments.

Staffing - $45,000

We have all felt the inflationary impact of 2023. We have an incredible team of 20 individuals made up of full time, part time, and contracted staff. These are the people who lead, serve, pastor, pray and care for our Northpoint family and the community where we live. As a nonprofit in an expensive city, we are not able to do raises often, but this year it is necessary to do cost-of-living increases in order to keep our current momentum by being able to retain all staff. As we move forward into 2024 we have adjusted our budget to reflect the inflationary impact.

Next Generation - $30,000

We believe that if Jesus is ever going to be relevant for everyone in greater Austin, it will be the next generation that's going to do it. If we're going to call them significant, we have to give them something significant to do. In 2024, our goal is to replace some of our worn out furniture in multiple environments, fund our college interns with Camp 75 as well as provide scholarships to students for Camp 75, and invest in technologies that partner with the whole family.

Care - $30,000

Every year, we have unique opportunities to do for one what we wish we could do for everyone, practically being the hands and feet of Jesus to our community. This includes helping with counseling, rent and mortgage payments, medical bills, food, utilities, and educational scholarships. Requests for assistance have increased exponentially over the last 12 months, and filling this fund allows us to respond when needs arise.

Between now and the end of the year, we want to encourage you to invite God into your end-of-year giving plans.
We'd also love for you to join us in praying for each of these areas as we move into the new year.
We can't wait to see the amazing ways God uses your generosity to impact our church and our community in 2024!
If you have any questions about Fuel 2024, we'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at northpoint@npaustin.com
Give to Fuel


Waumba Land is our small group ministry environment for preschool children from six weeks to pre-K. Each week preschoolers experience a Bible story, sing together, and do hands-on activities. Waumba Land Online features a weekly video, a Bible story, and ideas for activities and other fun ways to talk about what they learn all week long.

Waumba Land meets in-person during both the 9:30 and 11:00 am services.

Waumba Land Online


UpStreet is our environment for children in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. In UpStreet we prioritize fun as kids are introduced to the weekly Big Idea in our Large Group environment. In Small Group, kids spend time engaging with a consistent, caring leader and a small group of peers as they explore the Big Idea and help each other take their next steps spiritually.

UpStreet Online features a weekly video (including everyone's favorite, the So-and-So Show), resources for parents, and information about Zoom small groups

UpStreet meets in-person during both the 9:30 and 11:00 am services.

UpStreet Online

Middle School

Transit is our Sunday morning environment for students in 6th through 8th grade. Each week, students experience fun games, an engaging speaker, and a small group where they can connect and grow together. Not ready to meet in-person yet? A new episode of Transit Wired goes live each Sunday morning at 9:30 am.

Transit meets in-person during both the 9:30 and 11:00 am services.

Transit Wired

High School

InsideOut is our environment for high school students. Each week students experience a mixture of fun games, a challenging talk and small group time. For those not able to be here in-person, a new episode of InsideOut Reset drops each Sunday at 4:00 pm.

InsideOut meets in-person on Sundays at 4:30 pm in the auditorium.

InsideOut Reset