Groups are where people gather, form friendships, engage in conversation, and grow in their faith. When you join a group, you discover a place where faith and friends meet.

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Connecting people around a shared interest. From activities and hobbies people enjoy to topics people want to discuss and learn, a meetup is a community of people who come together because they care the same thing.

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Experience firsthand how impacting the lives of others could change your life.

Curious about leading a group? It’s easier than ever because we’re providing everything you need, including coaching, training, weekly studies, ideas for socials, and so much more.
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Looking for a safe place to explore faith?

When it comes to exploring faith, it’s natural to have questions. Like many people, you may be curious about faith, have some doubts, or new to the whole idea. You don't need a lecture or a list of rules, but how about a conversation?
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We all have transitional seasons in life–relationally, financially, and spiritually. We offer a variety of groups, counseling, and mentoring options to help you experience a better life. Discover one that’s right for you.
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