MOSAIC is the Global Engagement ministry at Northpoint. We define global engagement as going to the ends of the earth, digging in deep, and committing to long-term relationships that transform us as much as they do the community we are serving. And our heart is for the orphan.

Our Vision

To come alongside churches in developing countries who have a demonstrated commitment to orphan care. Rather than short-term or one-time projects, MOSAIC develops relationships that allow Northpoint to have a significant, sustained impact on orphan care in a given region.

Juja 2024

We are heading to Juja during the summer of 2024! Click below for more information and to apply for the trip.
Juja 2024


“It’s a relationship. It's hope. It's a promise. It's a response to God's call to care for the orphans.”

Through MOSAIC, Northpoint has had a relationship with the Fountain of Life Church in Juja, Kenya since 2010. Our partner in Kenya is Bishop James Gitau Kinyanjui, pastor of the Fountain of Life. He is deeply committed to his community, tirelessly serving in a way that boldly expresses Christ's love and compassion for those in need.

Pastor James' church rescues orphans and houses them in a small group home on the church property. Basic needs such as housing, nutrition, medical care and education are met; but more importantly, that care is in the context of a family within a church that is completely engaged in its community.

In addition to meeting the financial needs of operating the children’s home, MOSAIC is focused on ensuring that every child we care for receives an education. Half of Kenya lives below the poverty limit, on less than $2 per day. Poverty is the single greatest barrier to education for children. Although Kenya has made great strides in elementary school enrollment since rolling out Free Primary Education in 2003, the dropout rate is high and only one-third of children enroll in high school.

Recognizing that education is the key to breaking the generational cycle of poverty, MOSAIC provides school fees and funds tutoring programs, and Pastor James’ team on the ground actively counsels and prepares each child for success. All children in our program receive education beyond high school, ranging from trade apprenticeships through four-year university degrees.

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