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How do you know if something is relevant to your life? Usually, we deem something relevant if it’s interesting, if we connect with it, if we’re drawn back to it time and time again. It can also be something meaningful in our current culture, but it ends up being just a fad. But what about Jesus? Is He relevant to our lives? And why does it matter? Jesus’ relevance to our lives has impacts far beyond us. How we conduct our lives can directly impact the relevance of Jesus to others. As followers of Christ, we are called to be like Christ. The way we interact with others can be a powerful way to present a different representation of Jesus than what people think.
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Wherever you are in your life and faith journey, we want to help you discover what's next. We believe that we experience real life change when we take action and if you choose to take a next step, we believe that God has something incredible for you.
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