Leadership Development Groups for Men

A group that will challenge you to grow as a leader and in your faith.

What is LDG for men all about? 

A Leadership Development Group isn't simply a men's group. It is a journey designed to help inspire and stretch men to grow.


We dream of seeing a growing movement of fully alive men who are inspired to live for Jesus. Men who are actively engaged in being for people, the next generation, and our community. This group is designed for men who are interested in joining this movement.


Who is this group for? 

It is for men who are willing to commit and prioritize their own personal growth. This is a group experience where you'll be challenged and stretched. It will be hard, but you can absolutely do it.

When does the next group start?

August, 2023

I'm interested and want to commit to this group, what do I do?

Fill out this form.

What if I have questions?

We're here to help. Email our Connection team.

Do you offer other groups?

Yes, we offer a variety of groups at Northpoint. Find out more here.