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Bottom Line:

For week 3, we head to Matthew 16:13-20, where Jesus asked his disciples: “Who do you say I am?” After everything they’d seen Jesus do and heard Jesus say, what did they really think about Jesus? This gave Peter the perfect moment to declare what he believed: that Jesus truly is the Son of God.

Bottom Line: Practice talking about God.

God is continually working in our lives. When we talk about those moments with others, we can actually end up growing in our relationship with God. As kids process their growing faith, they will have questions and doubts. We want them to know that no question is off-limits when it comes to their faith. We hope that as they practice talking about God, they’ll discover that sharing about their faith isn’t so daunting. We pray that kids will find trusted adults who believe in Jesus who will help them talk through their questions about God.

☝️This week ask your child: "Who do you talk to about God?"

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We’ll wrap up May in UpStreet (no services on May 26th) with a reminder to talk about God! It can be hard to get kids started talking at all! Check out this article with “3 Mealtime Questions that Will Change Everything (Including the Quality of Your Food).

Cue the convos! Check out the quick conversation starters for this week!

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Coming up in UpStreet

** Don’t miss the Camp 75 Kiosk out front starting this Sunday, May 19th!! You’ll find some new FUN things like kid sized Camp 75 tshirts! And lots more!

No Church services on May 26th! We’ll see you all back on June 2nd for Promotion Sunday Round Up!

🤠Promotion Sunday is June 2nd! Yee haw! We’re so excited to celebrate Promotion Sunday Round Up with your kiddos! Here are some details you might need…

  • All kids from preschool thru middle school will be promoted to their new classrooms and grades on June 2nd!
  • Incoming 6th graders will attend Transit on June 2nd. The entrance to Transit is down the sidewalk to the left of the main Northpoint foyer entrance. Kids can check themselves in and out of Transit, but you’re welcome to walk over with them. Don’t miss Transit Test Drive on May 12th!
  • We aren’t calling it Promotion Sunday Round Up for nothin’! The morning will also include some wild west fun for all the kiddos! Giddy Up! 🐴

Got an incoming 6th grader? You won’t want to miss Transit Test Drive!

  • On May 19, drop off your 5th grader in UpStreet like usual.
  • Head to Transit where the 5th grade class will get the VIP treatment. (Shh! It’s a surprise.)
  • Stay for a quick, parents only meeting.
  • Pick up your student in UpStreet like usual.

Camp 75 is coming soon!! Get the details and register here! Parents can…

  • Host a camp in your yard.
  • Drive a team of students to their camps.
  • Donate to help a student participate in Camp 75.
  • Register your incoming 7th grader through graduating senior for bootcamp. Hurry!!! Registration closes THIS SUNDAY, May 19th!
  • Register your incoming 5th or 6th graders for Camp75 Xtreme!

Hurry! Bootcamp registration closes THIS SUNDAY on May 19th!