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Happy Father’s Day! Dads are a big deal, and we’re so excited to celebrate dads with our Upstreeters this Sunday! Here’s a podcast to help celebrate Father’s Day!

The Bottom Line for this week is “You can help others make peace.” Sometimes it’s surprising to realize how much peace depends on us! Talk to your kids about ways to help others make peace. What are some practical examples you can think of?

Devotionals for this week:

Kinder-1st Grade

2nd-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade

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This month's Big Idea and Verse:

For Parents

It’s Here! The brand new Northpoint Parents Facebook Group! We hope to connect with you and help connect you to other parents that may be a step or two ahead of you or even looking to you from a step behind. We’ll get the details out to you soon!Wanna join the fun? We have something super fun coming up!

UpStreet Large Group Host auditions! If you like to be just a little silly, enjoy a good comedic and credible host banter, can lead a group game like a pro or just want to try something new then we have just the thing! We’ll host auditions for Large Group Hosts this summer. Let us know if you’d like to join the fun by emailing us. We’ll get you ready to show us how much fun you are! Plus we’ll feed you lunch! Also, your middle school and high school students are welcome to come too! Students can definitely bring the fun!

This Week

These resources are helping spark the peace conversations this week. Check them out!

This podcast talks about finding peace in small moments.

This podcast talks about how to help your kids resolve conflict.

Cue the convos! Check out the quick conversation starters for this week!

Kinder-3rd Grade4th-5th Grade

Things We're Loving Lately

We’ve been loving these resources as we explore the fruits of the spirit in parenting. We think you might love them too!

This one is all about the phases in a kid’s life. Let’s make the most of each Phase!

This one talks about how to love everybody, always- even when it’s difficult, and even when it’s your kids that are challenging to love.

In this one, Gary Chapman helps us discover our kids’ love languages so we can love them more intentionally.

We thought this podcast on finding “Defiant Joy” was helpful! Check it out.

This article on finding joy in the midst of chaos was great too.

Coming Up in UpStreet

Camp 75 registrations are open NOW!! [celebrate emoji] All of the details and registration opportunities are right here!

  • Adults can still sign up to drive a team or host a Camp! More drivers and host homes mean more fun for everyone!!
  • Feeling like sharing? You can even donate to help a student be able to participate in this life changing Camp 75 opportunity!

Want to get more involved in the UpStreet fun? It’s the perfect time to join a team as we welcome lots of new UpStreeters and multiply our teams! Here are a few highlights…

  • Small Group Leaders- spend time having fun and growing with a small group of kids during one hour each Sunday morning.
  • Large Group Leaders- bring the fun as hosts on stage, as producers making it all work and back in the tech booth behind the scenes. Auditions and training start this month! Reply to this email to let us know if you’d like more information! Quick!
  • Weekday volunteers on our WOW Team- meet together to help get everything ready for Upstreet to be great!
  • And lots MORE!

There’s definitely a place for you! Just email us for an invitation to an UpStreet Orientation where you can get details about which roles have current or upcoming openings! Joining a team is a great next step, and Orientation is the first step!