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Summer on UpStreet

This summer UpStreet is all about FUN! The UpStreet crew has had no shortage of fun! Don’t miss the video above to see what we mean! If you haven’t printed out the Summer info cards here they are!

This Week

Challenge: Pucker up! Or better yet, don’t! This week’s challenge is to eat the sourest sour candy you can find without even a little flinch. Catch the details in this week’s video! Get a photo or video of your best effort NOT to pucker up (whether you’re successful or not)! Send it to us or tag us @upstreet_np. You could win a sour candy extravaganza! Can’t wait to see how you do!

Something to think about this week:

Remember Jon and Brandon’s question from the So & So Show this week? What do you think heaven will be like? I bet there are a lot of different answers for this one! We’d love to hear what you think! Email us your thoughts by using the button above or post them on Instagram and tag us at @upstreet_np.

Quiet Moments

Storyline Online: Beautifully produced videos of children’s books read aloud by famous actors​

Bible App for Kids: An app with illustrated, narrated Bible stories plus interactive games to go along with each one

Get the Wiggles Out

Zumba Kids: Dance your heart out with modeled moves and slick beats- Zumba Kids

Get Moving with Disney: Make way and get moving with a beloved Disney flair!

Cosmic Kids Yoga: Charming 10- to 15-minute videos of family-friendly yoga you can do in your living room

P.E. with Joe: Quick, high-energy workouts your kids can do at home—no equipment required

UpStreet Jams

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