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Some choices are easy—wearing the red shirt or eating the apple instead of the banana. Then, there are the not so easy decisions. What do we do when the decision is hard and we are struggling to know which way to go?

We believe the first step to making wise choices is trusting that God’s way is perfect. Our prayer is that we can help make many of the 35,000 choices a day our preschoolers will be making one day a whole lot easier. They will know to jump, jump and go God’s way, because God’s way is perfect!

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May Verse

Our Key Question:

Whose way is perfect?

God's way is perfect!

Week 3

I can go God’s way even when it’s hard. A man named Naaman will show us what it looks like to have to make a hard decision. You see, Naaman thought things would happen one way, but God had a different way. Fortunately for Naaman, he chose to go God’s way even thought it was hard. We want our preschoolers to know they can go God’s way when it’s hard, too, because God’s way is perfect.

2 Kings 5:1-14

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