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September is here! Back to school is behind us (well sort of), and the cooler weather of fall is straight ahead. But this month, while it's still a little hot in Texas, let's hold on to a little bit of summer because it's Ice Cream Sundae time!

This month it's a celebration that no matter where we find ourselves in life, God has a plan! Your preschoolers will explore this truth through the life of Joseph. We will follow Joseph to Egypt and see all the ways that God was with him and had a plan for him, no matter what happened! Let the celebration begin!

September Verse


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Parent Connection

During your preschooler's bath time routine, help them to see how God has a plan, even for the animals. Grab some plastic animals – both land and water – to join your kiddos during bath time. Start by asking your preschooler "Who has a plan for you?" God has a plan for me! Ask them "What is God's plan for these animals?" Have your kiddos sort the animals meant for land on the side of the tub, and those meant for water in the water, as they tell you their idea of God's plan for each animal. Remind your preschooler that God has an amazing plan for his animals, and an even better plan for us!